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One Day Rafting Package in Rishikesh

OUTBOUND ADVENTURE One Day Rafting Trip – Start From INR 600

Outbound adventure offer one day rafting trip, in this package we have lots of options to our clients, the distance we cover from marine drive to Rishikesh Uttarakhand which is around 22 to 23 KM, the advantage of this all one day rafting trip, It is possible to do this in a day, in which save more time and the fun of rafting is equally serve, even you will be able to enjoy so many rapids and amazing view of Ganga River. Usually we start our 22 Kilometer Rafting from Marine Drive, as we all know Marine drive is one of the most famous silver sand beaches, even the overall rafting adventure usually takes 4 to 5 hours to complete, as of now we have four main packages listed on the site for River rafting trip which is as follow Kaudiyala to Rishikesh for 34 Km River Rafting, Brahmpuri to NIM Beach, Shivpuri to NIM Beach and Marine Drive to NIM Beach Rishikesh, but in a single day trip we offer maximum of 24/26 km rafting tour. We have added a list of day rafting trip packages.One Day River Rafting Trip

Our Day rafting Time & Prices.

  • 600.00 per person 9 km rafting trip( Brahmpuri to NIM beach) 2 Hours
  • 750.00 per person 12 km rafting trip (Brahmpuri to ram Jjhula) 2:30 Hours
  • 1000.00 per person 16 km rafting trip( Shivpuri to NIM beach) 3 Hours
  • 1500.00 per person 24/26 km rafting trip ( marine drive to NIM beach) 4 Hours

1. Marine Drive to NIM Beach Rishikesh. – RS. 1500.00 Per Person

Start from a distance and few other basic knowing things, marine drive to Rishikesh is approx. 24 kilometers, it took around 4.5 hours to complete this Rafting journey, this all depends on the flow of Ganga water usually it is the best suitable choice for young Indian people, for this we need two or more than that to start this trip, normally we do the same day rafting trip twice a day, the best route we ever love to join personally, only because of it covers all famous River rapids such as hugs and kisses, black money (it comes in grade second), blind mice (comes in grade third), cross fire (listed in grade two), body surfing (comes in grade two), Shivpuri (listed in grade two rapid), return to sender, roller coaster (most famous rapids comes in grade third plus), tea off (the Grade one rapid), golf course (the huge and loving grade third plus), clubhouse (we could say the good one grade second), cash flow (comes in grade two), jail no bail (grade second) & the final one is double trouble grade two rapid, all listed rapids are very beautiful, after crossing all given rapids we reach near to NIM beach which is just before of Laxman Jhula, which is the most famous and one of the peaceful places in the Rishikesh, finally it cost to you INR-1050 per person.Package for One Day River Rafting Trip

2. Shivpuri Beach to NIM Beach Rishikesh. – RS. 1000.00 Per Person

Shivpuri the old and most famous prime location near Rishikesh, you will be easily reached to Shivpuri by selecting Badrinath national highway 58, the overall distance from Rishikesh around 18 kilometer, but when it comes to River rafting, Shivpuri to NIM beach around 16 kilometers and takes up to 3.5 hours, with the minimum pricing of 750 rupees per person, in this package we include 16 Km’s River Rafting, Body Surfing, and Cliff Jumping. In this package you will get a chance to cross these rapids to return to sender, roller coaster, golf course, clubhouse, initiation, double trouble, and Hilton, as you observing some of them are mention in above package, it’s only because of Marine drive is more 7 to 8 km above than Shivpuri rafting point. If you have a very short time and want to enjoy river rafting with your friends and family should come and join the Outbound adventure team.Low price deal for One Day River Rafting Trip

3. Brahmpuri Beach to NIM Beach Rishikesh. – Rs. 600.00 Per Person

We have two most famous packages for Brahmpuri river rafting one is from Brahmpuri to NIM beach and second one is Brahmpuri to Ram Jhula, both of them has their own specialty and have a different fun, in other words we could say the nearest rafting point which is around 9 kilometer from Rishikesh, the best choice for very short time periods, even when you came here with children’s and friends, it takes very less time and money as well, the distance of both is around 9 to 12 kilometers, in this package we provide all necessary safety gear to our clients, In addition; you would only cross two grade two rapids, jail no bail and double trouble rapids, now come to the pricing and few important details of both packages, first Brahmpuri to NIM beach package, it cost you INR-500 per person and 9 km distance takes up to 2 hours, next Brahmpuri to Ram Jhula cost you INR-600 per person, which is around 12 km’s long and takes around 2.30 hours’ time to complete.