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River Rafting In Rishikesh With Outbound Adventure with Best Price Packages

We Provide River Rafting Packages In Rishikesh, Weekend Tour Packages, Camp/Tents in Rishikesh CALL US - 9897519897
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Rafting Packages in Rishikesh

If you are planning to visit Rishikesh then Outbound Adventure is the perfect location for you where we provide river rafting, cliff jumping, camping, bungee jumping, flying fox, and many more adventurous activities and in which we ensure the safety and security of our guest. We also take full care, so whenever you want to enjoy the adventure, you can call us freely. The River Rafting in Rishikesh Camping/Rafting at Marine Drive Rishikesh offers exclusive River Rafting and Beach Camping Packages with High-quality services and excellent facilities. Come and experience Camping, √River Rafting, and Luxury Camping amazing beach paradise by the River Ganga at www.Riverraftinginrishikesh.co. Celebrate your holidays and Life with family and friends amidst beauty and abundance. The Outbound Adventure (River Rafting In Rishikesh) Camps promises an unforgettable experience for all at amazing and Low prices Beach Camping at Rishikesh River Rafting in Rishikesh.

Now we will talk about our experience, we have more than 18 years of experience and we are a Uttarakhand Government certified company, our main effort is to provide the best service to our guests so that they come back to us again.

River Rafting In Rishikesh

Listed below are a number of Rafting Tour itineraries (Packages) of River Rafting In Rishikesh By Outbound Adventure. Our travel counselors and outfitters have designed these packages keeping both the budget and your interest factors in mind. The tours are packaged in such a way that there is an adventure as well as fun and a great holiday experience with Family and Friends. If you have any doubts or questions about Outbound tour packages, you can send us a request or call us now at 9897519897 or Visit www.riverraftinginrishikesh.co/.

Outbound Adventure™ Tour Organizers and Camp Organizer River Rafting Expedition Company™ in Rishikesh. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family or friends and kids, Outbound adventure (River Rafting in Rishikesh offers an opportunity for everyone. A total of 16 exciting river Rapids like – Sweet Sixteen (Grade-2), Ω Hilton and Terminator (Grade-2) Three Blind Mice (Grade-3) CrossFire (Grade-3), Ω Roller Coaster (Grade-4) Ω Golf Course (Grade-4) Ω Wall ¤ Daniel’s Dip ¤ Double Trouble Ω T Off,  Ω Club House ¤ Black Money along the Ganges await you to take you on some of the most wonderful rafting expeditions. Enjoy riverside rafting camping (River Rafting In Rishikesh) out in nature as part of your river rafting tour in Rishikesh (Outbound Adventure). Some good place in Rishikesh for river rafting and beach camps like – Shivpuri, Brahmpuri, Kodiyala, Marine Drive, Byasi, Kaudiyala, Kirti Nagar(Near Srinagar Gharwal), Devprayag (Near Tehri), Srinagar Gharwal, Dhari Devi And Rudraprayag(Near Chamoli).

Important and Helpful Information and Rafting Safety Tips for All Rafting Users

  • Important Equipment Shell Be Carry for River Rafting & Camping
  • Swimming costume and quick-drying shorts for river
  • Sunglasses and water glasses with retaining cord, Battery Torch
  • Odomos, Antiseptic Cream and Sunscreen Lotion, First Aid Box
  • Waterproof disposable camera with Extra Battery (Full Battery Charge).
  • Mobile Phone with Extra Mobile Batteries (Electricity may be off)
  • Only Use River Sandals & old Sneakers, no flip flops
  • We provide River Rafting Gear & Assistance
  • River Rafting Guide & Splash life jackets.
  • Helmets & river rafting gears
  • Other required safety accessories
  • Trekking Shoes

River Rafting Season in Rishikesh ®

January to August & September to December www.Riverraftinginrishikesh.co/ is a ¤ Rishikesh No1 (Best)  ¤ Weekend ¤ Adventure holiday information portal powered by OutBound Adventure Rishikesh Uttarakhand India first and biggest travel community (Agency). We give the information Adventure Sports Activities like River Rafting, Beach Camping, Trekking, Paintball, Bungee Jumping, Volleyball, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Cliff Jumping, Body Surfing and Trekking Activities in Rishikesh®. Weekend Holiday planning made simple, fun & smart!

River Rafting in Rishikesh, Beach Camping in Rishikesh, Camping  in Rishikesh

River Rafting In Rishikesh, the ancient city of temples and ashrams is well known for a variety of things. Be it the serene and the majestic river Ganges, Ghats, ritual prayers and ceremonies, yoga schools and bristling meditation centers, It is the Best place where anyone can easily lose self and experience totality. An excellent tourist hotspot, Rishikesh is situated at the Himalayan foothills some 280 to 290 kilometers from Delhi and 45 kilometers from Dehradun. By road, it takes 7 to 8 hours if you start early and Coming by personal vehicle. By train one can travel overnight from Old Delhi station till Rishikesh, Haridwar and take a connecting train to Rishikesh (Or Buses) which takes 45 – 55 minutes to cover the short distance between the spiritual grounds.

Legend has it that Rishikesh is one of the places where the Holy Nectar was hidden to save it from the demons and a drop of it fell to the ground. It is hard not to believe this when you experience marked calm and tranquility in this place. Rishikesh is famous for Laxman Jhool(Bridge) and Ram Jhoola (Bridge), which are two suspension bridges linking the town with the highway over river Ganga. The bridges are about 500-600 meters away and a beautiful sight, yes. Walking over the bridge, you can feel it vibrate and sway to the winds. The locals and children sell wheat balls to travelers, to feed the fishes in the river. It’s fun. You will be amazed to see a lot of fishes swishing in the water as you throw a wheat ball. In Hindu mythology, it’s considered good to feed the fishes.

Sports Adventure Activities In Rishikesh - River Rafting Packages in Rishikesh

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Camping | Tent In Rishikesh

  • Enjoy the natural and beautiful stay near Holy River Ganges in camp/Tent facility provided by us
  • Enjoy World Famous Camp/Tent In Rishikesh
  • Provide Devprayag Camp and School Summer Camp.
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Shivpuri Beach Camp

  • Just 16 kms from Rishikesh.
  • This is the most favorable destination for kids below 15 years and also for the school groups
  • OUTBOUND ADVENTURE is one of the well known Organisers in Rishikesh.
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Brahmpuri Beach Camp

  • Just 12 kms from Rishikesh.
  • This is the most favorable destination for kids below 15 years and also for the school groups
  • OUTBOUND ADVENTURE is one of the well known Organisers in Rishikesh.
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Rs - 1850

Bungee Jumping

01 Nov 2022 - 22 Nov 2099
  • India's highest Bunjee Jump in Rishikesh
  • Enjoy World Famous Bunjee Jump in Rishikesh
  • Age: Minimum -12 year
  • Weight: Minimum - 35 kg and Maximum - 120 kg
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Rs- 3700

Flying Fox

01 Nov 2011 - 16 Aug 2099
  • Asia's largest flying fox of 1 kms is again in rishikesh
  • Enjoy World Famous Flying Fox
  • Don't forget to collect your Dare to Jump Certificate.
  • Walk back to the cafeteria and enjoy watching your photographs
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Rs- 2000

Rock Climbing

01 Nov 2011 - 01 Sep 2099
  • Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport
  • Every year, thousands of travellers arrive here
  • The adventure means challenging their stamina
  • Way to announce joy of arrival
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RS - 400Rs- 300


01 Nov 2011 - 08 Nov 2099
  • Game timing period is 40-45 mints
  • Minimum 4 person required and max 10
  • 100 People can play this game in the same ground
  • Timing - Morning 6am to 7pm
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Rs- 550/850.
body surfing in Rishikesh Uttarakhand

Body Surfing Rishikesh

13 Nov 2011 - 16 Aug 2099
  • You can ride the wave for as long as you wish but you will need to streamline your body
  • Body Surfing in Rishikesh is best done during your leisure
  • These professionals will tell you how to tuck your body in like a ball
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River Rafting In Rishikesh With Us

River Rafting in Rishikesh

Riverraftinginrishikesh is something which comes to your mind when you think of Rafting in Rishikesh, Camping in Rishikesh, Bunjee jumping and Adventure Sports in Rishikesh. So you are at the right place. Team OUTBOUND ADVENTURE has been rafting Indian Rivers safely for years, Resulting in an accumulated wealth of rafting knowledge and experience to share with our customers. Dealing with almost all the adventure sports activities like River Rafting in Rishikesh, camping in Rishikesh, Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh and all types of Tourism activities. We are licensed by the uttrakhand tourism(registered by the government of Uttrakhand). We are providing you with the convenience of an expertly organized and well equipped team to give you peace of mind and the ability to appreciate our magnificent wilderness areas while experiencing the excitement and adventure of white water Rafting. Whether you are travelling alone or with your family and kids and friends, We offer an opportunity to everyone. Enjoy beach camps out in the nature on the bank of holy river Ganga as part of your river rafting tour in Rishikesh. We have our camp sites at Brahmpuri, Shivpuri, Marine Drive,

luxury camp in rishikesh, Our Camp in Rishikesh

river rafting in rishikesh best price deal and photo

Marine Drive Beach Camp

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Marine Drive Beach Camping in Rishikesh Marine Drive Beach Camping is simply heaven. We care your dreams. 26 kms from Rishikesh on...
Luxury River Rafting Camp in Rishikesh Uttarakhand


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Luxury Camp in Rishikesh Our Luxuary Camps have an ultimate world of privacy & opulence. The Camp’s Luxurious interiors with...
River Rafting in Rishikesh, Rishikesh Rafting Packages


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Shivpuri River Zone Camp : RS – 1850 How to Reach Marine Drive Camp Marine Drive i a beautiful location in Rishikesh. River...
River Rafting Packages - River Rafting in Rishikesh Uttarakhand

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OutBound Adventure (River Rafting In Rishikesh) is a riverside camp on river Ganga, it is located 17-19 kms from Rishikesh on Badrinath Dham road. Thick forest of Raja ji National Park creates perfect backdrop for camp and awesome sound of the rapids on the river Rafting In Rishikesh (OutBound Adventure) makes camping an unforgettable experience, One can call it once in a lifetime experience. Bird watchers can spot many birds while enjoying early morning nature walk. Evenings at beach camp are very romantic, one can hear music of river Ganga with bonfire, Campfire and singing of songs with snacks, stars in the sky makes evening more decorative. It is one of leading White Water Adventure Company in India, We have adventure packages for Rafting in Rishikesh, Rafting in Kundalika,Rishikesh, Rafting at Manali, Rafting near Coorg, Rafting in Corbett Park, Rafting near Shimla (Tatta Pani Himanchal) , Rafting Expeditions near Rishikesh, Alaknanda rafting expeditions, Bhagirathi Rafting Expeditions, Weekend Short Rafting Expeditions, 2-3 days rafting expeditions, budget rafting expeditions etc. Only few rivers in the world have the mystique of the Ganges, the living mother Goddess of the India. Rafting on its water of wisdom is certainly an unusual experience. Enjoy and explore the life time experience on a date with mother Ganges. Your first encounter will be the beginning of the addiction.